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Stardust Pony Dreams is a full service Hunter/ Jumper facility located on a private facility with picturesque views and quiet surroundings in Lincoln, California. They specialize in hunter, jumper and equitation training for young riders and ponies and are regular participants in the local and national Hunter/ Jumper circuits including the National Pony Finals. Stardust Pony Dreams offers lessons, training, sales, consignment, birthday parties and pony rides.

As a sole proprietor I have to be very conscientious about where I spend dollars on growing my business. I have been approached and solicited by many marketing companies most of whom I turn down. I have had numerous people rework my logo over the years. It has improved little by little. I am not easy to impress as I have incredibly high standards. I am overjoyed that I listened to my gut when I decided to let Equiluxe Marketing do their magic! They completely captured my vision of what I have been striving for for over 15 years!!!! The feel of my website is exactly what I envisioned! They transformed my flat pages and have made my entire site dynamic!!!




Complimentary 30 minute consultation

We offer a 30 minute consultation to potential clients where we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your business, goals and objectives. This helps us to determine the most effective strategy for your business, and also allows us the opportunity to see if we may be a good fit for your team.
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